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Whole Tank

Tank Right to Left

Eel Eating

Frag Tray

Encrusting Yellow Sponge

Liquid Feeder

Tube Anemone

Sump is basically the same, so these pics are the same ones. Only difference is I'm now using an all-black scrubber, and there is a second pump which feeds a second scrubber outside of the sump:

Video of sump

Pump in middle feeds the scrubber; small pump on right feeds the
chiller (rarely on) and the UV (only used to acclimate new fish):

Visible here is the "Tuned Overlow" valve, with emergency overflow
(has a constant trickle). Fan blows on scrubber.

Scrubber has 3000K T5HO's; Top is left open to increase evaporation: