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RADIO INTERVIEW 101 Best Topics for Radio

When trying to decide if your topic is suitable for a radio interview campaign, you have to look past the obvious factors you may have already considered. Remember that radio stations are not in the interview business... they don't get paid to do interviews. Instead, they are in the listener business... they get paid based on how many listeners they have. Use this concept when you are deciding how to approach them for interviews; if you and your topic can bring more listeners to the table, you have a much higher chance of getting an interview. Here are the areas to look for:

INDIVIDUALIZATION: Is your topic one that each radio host will want to dig into, so as to express how it pertains to his/her ideals? This helps immensely, because each host will feel they helped "create" a new angle for their listeners, and thus will not feel they are just regurgitating what has been done on all your previous interviews. A topic such as cancer cannot really be individualized to a particular host's ideals (even though the topic is important and should be covered,) because it is difficult for he/she to offer a viewpoint on something which just plain exists. But a topic such as "cancer research" CAN be individualized, because each host will have an opinion as to how the research should be paid for and carried out, even though the host may have no direct involvement in the topic.

OTHER MEDIA: Is your topic being heavily covered on TV, in magazines and newspapers, and on the web? A radio host wants those viewers and readers to tune in to his/her radio show; grabbing listeners who are already looking for info on a particular topic (since the topic was exposed in the other media) is easier than trying to get listeners to be interested in a topic from scratch.

RETAIL: Can the topic you want to talk about be seen on the streets (and in the stores) in the town where you want to be interviewed? More specifically, when a listener hears your interview, will they have just seen what you are talking about around town? If so, the listener will have a higher top-of-mind-awareness, and a much greater desire to call-in to give his/her opinion about the topic. And call-ins are the lifeblood of any live radio show.

AUTOMOTIVE: A huge portion of radio listening is done in-car, so if your topic is of interest to a car owner/passenger, then over 80 percent of the people who hear you will relate. Cars and automotive products are obvious topics, but many other non-automotive topics can be repositioned to cover how they are affected by cars or car driving, or how cars or car driving can be affected (either enhanced or detracted) by the topic.

MUSIC: On music stations, you obviously can cover music topics. But you may not know that you can do this without knowing anything about the particular artists that a music station plays. If you just pertain to music, singing, playing, or recording in general, it will apply to all music stations, and the callers will apply it specifically to their favorite style when they call in.

LOCAL BUSINESSES: Eighty percent of a radio station's advertisers are local to the town of the station. So if your topic impacts those local businesses (in a positive manner, of course), you will be recommended for an interview much quicker by the station management.

CURRENT ADVERTISERS: Similarly, if your topic enhances the status of a station's current advertisers, especially if those advertisers have their commercial in a particular host's show, then you will be looked at in a much more favorable light by that station, and by that host.

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