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RADIO INTERVIEW 101 Paid Benefits of Free Interviews

You may have considered using the media (particularly radio) to get the word out about your offerings, but you balked after finding out you don't get paid for doing interviews. While it is true that you will probably never get paid to do radio interviews (and in some circumstances, you may actually have to pay to do them,) there are enough other ways to get paid, that radio interviews will still be worth your effort. Here they are...

SPEAKING: This is the biggest cash category... for the right people with the right topic. While radio stations never pay guest to speak, corporations very often do. Corporations need motivating speakers to help employees' productivity, and also just to break up the pace. And the best part is that the people who may want to hire you to speak at their company are the same ones who listen to the local radio for ideas of whom to hire! This, by the way, makes a very strong case for doing many small-market interviews, since you have to go to where these companies are. They aren't listening to Los Angeles radio if they are in Iowa.

For a non-experienced speaker, the range for paid corporate speaking is about $300 at a small company in a small town, to $3000 at a larger company in a larger town. Experienced speakers have no limit to what they are paid, and actually have companies seeking them out whether or not they do radio interviews.

COACHING: A close relative of corporate speaking is corporate coaching. It's the same idea, but a little more difficult to get, since it falls closer to an ongoing corporate expense, whereas a speaker is considered a one-time expense. However, if your topic is more personal than corporate, then coaching may actually be easier for you to get.... albeit from a personal client, not a corporate one.

If a person is going to consider hiring a coach to come to their home (or call them on the phone) for things such as fitness, motivation, taxes, cooking, marriage, etc, then that person is going to feel much better doing so after they have heard the coach speak on the radio for a bit (radio is the most intimate of all media.) And similar to corporate speaking, you'll still want to reach people where they live. Thus, many small-market interviews work well.

ARTICLES: There are two avenues here: Getting paid to write articles, or, selling articles you already wrote.

Getting paid to write articles is very tough for most writers, but it is much easier if you are known via your radio interviews. You'll want the big markets, however, since publishers tend to think in a manner similar to most media folks... i.e., "if you are good, you'll be interviewing on major stations."

Much easier, however, would be to sell articles you have already written, via your site or phone number. The best way to do this is to send listeners to your site for some free info, where they will then find in-depth articles for purchase.

BOOKS: The great news about books is that they are the number one type of merchandise to be sold on the web, and, book authors are the number one category of guests that radio hosts like to interview, AND, radio is the number one medium that people use when they are on the web. Good combination! If you are serious about your topic, you will eventually have a book about it (self-printed or otherwise,) so start learning now about how to use radio to promote yourself.

Besides being something that you can "mention" is for sale, a book can be the very reason that a station interviews you in the first place. Actually, this is the norm... it's called a "radio book tour".

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