Financal radio

Syndicated RadioRadio-only publicty, compared to traditional publicity (print, TV, etc.), is suprizingly cost efficient considering the number of people you reach. A traditional PR firm usually starts around $3,000/mo for small newspapers and no TV. Firms that also approach TV (local, not network), are around $5,000/mo. And the big firms that can get both network TV (Oprah) and large magazines (Time) are close to $10,000/mo. Plus, postage/supplies/long-distance is extra. Large firms are also demanding as to how well-known a new client must be before they take them; they usually won't take a beginner as a client at all.

Our radio-only publicty campaigns are much less costly (one-fourth to one-half), and are suitable for beginning projects up to medium level projects. And there are no extra costs for postage / supplies / long-distance... all costs are included, except your cost to mail your interview kit to the stations.

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