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Rock Radio promotion
Alternative RockAlternative and Rock are the most workable genres for a new band/label, with commercial, commercial specialty, and non-commercial airplay opportunities available...on a small or large scale. For our purposes here, this is how the categories are grouped:

Alternative Rock
Alternative, Modern Rock, Modern AC,Pop Alternative, Rap Metal, Grunge, Emo

Rock, Metal, Industrial, Hardcore, Speed Metal, Aggro, Death Metal, Punk, Indie Rock, Angst Rock, Ska Punk, Post Rock, Bubble Grunge, Glam, Post Punk, Power Electronics

No, the styles in the alternative list above are not really all "alternative", and the ones in the rock list are not really all "rock". But, if you decide to move up to larger campaigns (after starting with college radio), you eventualy will get into the Alternative or Rock commercial formats (there are no other options.) This is the idea of putting the above sub-styles under one category.

And, by being "most workable", we mean that you have several options of radio campaigns to choose from. College radio campaigns are great; as a matter of fact, college radio plays more alternative and rock than anything else. You can do 300 stations, or 800 stations, or anything in between.

Then you have specialty one-hour shows on the big commercial stations. There are far fewer of them (compared to college), and you might only get one spin a week, but they pack a wallop since everyone knows about these stations. Not too many other styles of music have the luxury of having specialty shows to pursue. And specialty shows can really help you should you decide to pursue...

Commercial regular rotation....A costly option for any beginning band or label. But, with proper backing and guidance (and with experience from college and specialty shows), commercial regular rotation campaigns are the ones which impress the most club bookers, magazine writers, and retail managers.

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