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Bryan Farrish provides free articles about radio syndication promotion (i.e., "radio syndication"), and they are available here for reading and printing:

1. Number of Stations Available
2. Affiliate Relations vs Promotions
3. Using Vignettes to Boost Barter Growth
4. The Power Of Large Prospecting Numbers
5. Why Stations Have To Be Called
6. Syndication Marketing Tools, Part 1
7. Syndication Marketing Tools, Part 2
8. The Marketing/Demo Kit
9. The Audio CD Demo
10. Hiring Your Own Syndication Deal
11. Barter Show Length
12. Broadcast Dayparts
13. Live or Taped
14. Charging For Your Show
15. Help Getting Sponsors
16. The Promotions Department
17. Non-Commercial Stations
18. Trade Support
19. How to Practice for a Radio Show
20. Bartering vs Brokering, Part 1
21. Bartering vs Brokering, Part 2
22. Bartering vs Brokering, Part 3
23. Investors, Part 1
24. Investors, Part 2
25. Converting Your Show to a Per-Inquiry, Part 1

Market List:Click here for a list of markets sorted alphabetically and by size.

Radio AdviceAdvice

In the area of radio syndication, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion focuses on obtaining radio clearances for you. But, for clients that are already on board, we will step them through other areas of their marketing that we are not being paid for. Thus if you are a client, you may get (if you wish) advice on your marketing kit, retail marketing, retail sales, traditional press, speaking, brokering, your website, and other areas. This advice applies especially to your marketing kit, where you may have to be stepped through the design and construction of it long before you can actually begin your syndication promotion.

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